Camping Pods Terms & Conditions

  1. A £50 non-refundable deposit or the balance if it is less is payable to confirm a booking.
  2. At the time of booking you will have supplied an ETA, this becomes part of your T&C's for your booking
  3. The use of drones is not allowed on site without the site owners or managers permission.
  4. Campsite speed limit of 5 mph must be strictly observed.
  5. CCTV is in operation around the park. This is for the security of the park, visitors and staff.
  6. Important. Please take note of where your nearest fire point is situated.
  7. All tents, touring caravans & motorhomes must vacate the site by 11:30am otherwise a further day charge will be made.
  8. Anyone wishing to rebook must do so by 9.30am subject to availability).
  9. All visitors must sign in to the Park office before going on site. A charge of £5 per car visiting will be made.
  10. When grass cutting, or hedge trimming is taking place please be patient as we try to complete the work as quickly as possible.
  11. Parents and guardians are fully responsible for their children at all times whilst on the campsite, in particular when using the playground and when playing near the stream. Please keep children from playing near the railway line at all times. Always keep young children within sight and hearing of your camping area; all children under 12 years should be accompanied by a parent/guardian whilst on the campsite and should be accompanied to the shower & toilet blocks.
  12. We have 2 shower blocks on site. When one is being cleaned, please use the other block. Thank you.
  13. The washing of pots, pans, dishes and clothes is strictly prohibited under the camp water-points. We have a launderette for clothes washing and two dishwashing facilities on site, located outside both shower blocks.
    Hot water is provided, but only to be used in the designated areas.
  14. Dogs must be kept on a short leash at all times and exercised out of the campsite. If your dog fouls within the campsite, please remove the faeces immediately. Dogs must not be left unattended at any time when on Park.
  15. If you have a dog that is on the official government dangerous dog breed list, you will need to be able to produce a copy of your certificate of exemption, dogs must wear their muzzle and kept on a lead when out in public.
  16. Strictly no smoking inside the pods and any company property on site.
  17. General waste and recycle bins are provided for litter, please use them.
  18. Open log or coal fires are not permitted, but barbecues are, provided they are raised off the grass & only used for cooking purposes. Any damage to the grass will be charged for. (You must adhere to our campsite barbecue safety sheet).
  19. The volume of radios, televisions etc. must be kept low at all times and especially after 10pm. Anyone found causing a disturbance on the campsite will be evicted without a refund.
  20. For the safety of all campers, especially children, please ensure that you use the public footpath and entry/exit gate to the beach. Do not climb the fences.
  21. For the safety of children, please make sure that they do not ride their bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades etc. in and around the area of the shop, reception, car park or paths around the shower/toilet blocks.
  22. The use of any firearms, crossbows, catapults, BB guns, laser, drones and similar items are strictly prohibited.
  23. The flying of kites and other objects is strictly prohibited on the site due to overhead electric powerlines.
  24. No ball games with leather footballs, cricket balls or any other hard balls etc. or frisbee games are allowed on the touring caravan section.
  25. Only softball games are permitted on site.
  26. Driving tuition is strictly prohibited on site.
  27. Washing of all motor vehicles, caravans & motorhomes is prohibited on site.
  28. Please do not hang or tie washing lines to the mains electric hook-ups or mains electric posts.
  29. Physical and verbal abuse towards staff and other park users will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate eviction from the site.
  30. Anti-social behaviour whether under the influence of alcohol or not will NEVER be tolerated on park. You will be evicted from the park and no refund will be given.
  31. Please ensure that you remove ignition keys from all parked vehicles to prevent accidents and theft.
  32. Please keep any personal cleaning chemicals and medicines in a locked area thus reducing the risk to children & others.
  33. No responsibility will be accepted by Hendre Mynach Caravan Park or its employees, for any items belonging to or rented by customers that are stolen or damaged whilst on the site.
  34. Hendre Mynach will not be liable for injury to person(s) or loss or damage to any property, car, etc. whilst on park, however such injury, loss or damage may occur.
  35. We exercise a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy with the use of non-prescription drugs. The police will be informed immediately, and you will be evicted from the park with no refund.
  36. The normal highways rules apply on park at all times with no exceptions. This includes no driving with children sitting on passengers or drivers laps or in the back of pickup trucks, all passengers must wear a seatbelt when moving and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  37. Payment constitutes accepting these conditions.
  38. Our terms and conditions and cancellation policy are correct at the time of booking but are subject to change at any point at the managers discretion.
  39. For any date changes made to your booking an administration charge of £20 will be applied at the managers discretion.

Cancellation Policy

  • Bookings with a total cost of £50 or less are paid in full on booking. This amount is non- refundable.
  • All balances should be paid no later than 28 days prior to arrival.
  • Bookings with a total cost of more than £50 and with all balances paid up to date and in full the following conditions apply;
  • For bookings cancelled up to 14 days prior to arrival; the £50 deposit will be retained. Of the balance left you will be refunded 50%.
  • For bookings cancelled between 13 & 8 days prior to arrival; the £50 deposit will be retained. Of the balance left you will be refunded 25%.
  • For bookings cancelled within 7 days prior to arrival, any refunds are at managers discretion in exceptional circumstances.