Holiday Rental Terms & Conditions

  1. All visitors must report to the site office before going to the house.
  2. A 50% non-refundable deposit is payable when booking and the balance is payable 12 weeks before arrival.
  3. In addition, a housekeeping and minor damages bond of £125 is payable at the time of the initial booking. Following departure we will refund this amount after a satisfactory inspection of the property, and it is found in the same condition as when you checked in. Cleaning equipment and products are provided for you to use. The house must be left as it was found; in a clean and tidy manner.
  4. Additional damages will be charged accordingly.
  5. The use of drones is not allowed without the owners or Managers permission
  6. At the time of booking an ETA would have been requested, this forms part of your T&C's for the booking
  7. Campsite speed limit of 5 mph must be strictly observed.
  8. Please take note of fire advice notices, keep all doorways clear and familiarise all guests with escape routes.
  9. All guests must vacate the house by no later than 10:00am on their day of departure.
  10. Strictly no smoking or vaping inside the house or on the balcony. Please use the designated smoking area outside on the ground floor.
  11. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children at all times whilst on the campsite, particularly when using the playground and near the stream. Always keep young children within sight and earshot; all children under 12 years should be accompanied by a parent/guardian whilst on the campsite and should be accompanied to the park, toilet blocks or shop.
  12. CCTV is in operation around the park. This is for the security of the park, visitors and staff.
  13. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times and if your dog fouls, please remove the faeces immediately. Dogs must not be left unattended at any time.
  14. Dog owners are to provide dog beds, blankets and towels.
  15. Dogs are strictly not allowed on beds or seating areas.
  16. A dog wash is available for your use for washing down muddy paws. We do ask that owners wipe their pet’s paws before entering the house especially if they are muddy and during wet weather.
  17. If you have a dog that is on the official government dangerous dog breed list, you will need to be able to produce a copy of your certificate of exemption, dogs must wear their muzzle and kept on a lead when out in public.
  18. General waste and recycling bins are provided for litter, please use them.
  19. Any damage caused by pets is the responsibility of the owner and subsequent costs to repair any damage will be incurred by the owner. All pet owners agree to pay for any damages caused by their pets to any property belonging to Hendre Mynach.
  20. Hendre Mynach does not accept any liability for any injury caused to or by your pets whilst on site.
  21. Upon occupying the house the hirer should satisfy themselves that the accommodation and equipment are in good condition. Any issues must be reported immediately. By occupying the property the hirer accepts responsibility for the house and the equipment throughout the period of hire. Any damage or shortage found subsequently will be charged for. Hendre Mynach staff reserve the right to inspect the accommodation before departure and charges may be levied if the house is not left in a clean and tidy condition. Cleaning equipment including a vacuum cleaner is provided for your use. Washing machine and dishwashing tablets are to be kept out of children’s reach.
  22. Please keep any personal cleaning chemicals and medicines in a locked area thus reducing the risk to children and of theft.
  23. If necessary, any member of Hendre Mynach staff may enter the property if there is reasonable cause such as emergency, urgent maintenance or nuisance. We will make every effort to contact you before doing so if you are not present.
  24. The hirer has no right to sub-let the accommodation or to permit more than the agreed number of persons to occupy it. At any time no more than 8 persons are to occupy the house even if the visitors are staying in units in other areas of the Park. Day visitors must report to Reception and can be accepted only at the discretion of the park.
  25. Open log or coal fires are not permitted. There is a designated area for barbeques provided in the house garden.
  26. The volume of radios, televisions etc. must be kept within the confines of the property and especially after 10pm. Anyone found causing a disturbance on the park will be evicted without a refund. Please be respectful to other site users with regard to noise.
  27. For the safety of all site users, especially children, please ensure that you use the public footpath and the entry/exit gate to the beach, please do not climb the fences.
  28. For the safety of children, please make sure that they do not ride their bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades etc. in and around the area of the shop, reception, car park or paths around the shower/toilet blocks.
  29. The use of any firearms, crossbows, catapults, BB guns, laser, drones and similar items are strictly prohibited.
  30. The flying of kites and other objects is strictly prohibited on the site due to overhead electric powerlines and potential damage to other units.
  31. No ball games with leather footballs, cricket balls or any other hard balls or frisbee games are allowed. Only softball games are permitted on site.
  32. Washing of all motor vehicles is prohibited on site.
  33. Please do not hang laundry or beach towels on the balcony. An airer is provided next to the main entrance for sandy items such as wetsuits and beach towels.
  34. Physical and verbal abuse towards staff and other park users will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate eviction from the site.
  35. Anti-social behaviour whether under the influence of alcohol or not will never be tolerated on park. You will be evicted from the park and no refund will be given.
  36. No responsibility will be accepted by Hendre Mynach Caravan Park or its employees, for any items belonging to or rented by customers that are stolen or damaged whilst on the site.
  37. We exercise a zero-tolerance policy with the use of illegal drugs. The police will be informed immediately, you will be evicted from the park with no refund.
  38. Please ensure that you remove ignition keys from all parked vehicles to prevent accident and theft.
  39. Driving tuition is strictly prohibited on-site and the rules of the normal highway apply on the park, with no exceptions, including driving with children sitting on passengers or driver’s laps, wearing seat belts and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Our terms and conditions are correct at the time of booking but are subject to change at any point.

Cancellation Policy

Any bookings that are affected by events outside of the business control e.g Pandemics, cancellation of local events or where Government guidelines prevent the usual terms of business being able to function, or any other Force Majeure (incidents outside our control) will be governed by of our cancellation policy below

If you cancel your reservation:

  • A 50% deposit of the total balance should be paid to confirm your booking. This is non-refundable.
  • All balances should be paid no later than 12 weeks prior to arrival. If you fail to pay the balance by this date, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.
  • The Housekeeping Bond of £125 will be refunded in full following cancellation if you cancel prior to arrival on site.
  • Bookings with all balances paid up to date and in full the following conditions apply;
  • For bookings cancelled between 12 weeks and 8 weeks prior to arrival, the 50% deposit will be retained. Of the balance left you will be refunded 50%.
  • For bookings cancelled 8 weeks or less prior to arrival no refund will be given.

If we cancel your reservation:

We will make every effort to avoid cancelling your booking and may offer alternative accommodation or dates which you can choose to accept or decline.

We may cancel your Booking if:

  • We become aware of any Health & Safety or quality-related issue with the property or immediate surroundings;
  • We may cancel your Booking due to circumstances or events outside our reasonable control in respect of Force Majeure, pandemic or another unavoidable situation;
  • If we cancel a Booking, we may (but are not obliged to) refund any amounts paid by you to us in relation to the cancelled Booking.